Preconference Workshops

In-depth workshops held during the Annual Meeting are led by top medical minds. Below is a list of workshops that took place during the AAO-HNSF 2022 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience.

Sialendoscopy Hands-On Course

This one-day course addressed current advances in minimally invasive salivary gland surgery. The morning featured didactic lectures by leaders in this cutting-edge field. Topics discussed include: the history of salivary endoscopy, imaging and ultrasound, instrumentation, the papilla and options for access, traditional parotid techniques for stones and stenosis, traditional submandibular techniques for stones and stenosis, inflammatory sialadenitis in relation to JRO, RAI and Sjögren’s syndrome, treatment of large stones (hybrid and lithotripsy techniques), and complications.

ACS Ultrasound Course: Thyroid, Parathyroid, and Neck Ultrasound Skills-Oriented Course

This highly rated course introduced the practicing surgeon to office-based ultrasound examination of the thyroid, parathyroid, and neck for commonly encountered diseases. The distinction of normal from malignant lymphadenopathy was emphasized with a demonstration of the comprehensive examination of lymph node basins in cervical levels I-VI. The technique of ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration (FNA) of thyroid nodules and lymph nodes were addressed in didactic lecture format. In addition, hands-on skill sessions allowed the surgeon to develop techniques to perform diagnostic neck ultrasound. The use of standardized patients allowed supervised hands-on experience with transverse and longitudinal ultrasound methods. The techniques of FNA of lesions were performed using phantom models. Attendees were instructed in the practical detail and hurdles in developing office-based ultrasound.

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