The Governing Council election will open online the week of September 20. All Section members registered for the annual meeting (in person or virtually) may vote; results will be announced during the General Assembly.


Kevin Y. Zhan, MD
Washington University in St. Louis for Neurotology Fellowship, PGY6


Jake Jaesang Lee, MD
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, PGY6

Information Officer

Jumah Ahmad, MD
University of Texas – Health Sciences Center at Houston, PGY3

Evan Charles Cumpston, MD
UT Health San Antonio, PGY5

Chelsea Hamill, MD
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center/Case Western Reserve, PGY5

Raisa Tikhtman, MD
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, PGY3


Joseph Roy Acevedo, MD
University of Southern California, PGY5

Kieran Steffen Boochoon, MD
University of Nebraska Medical Center, PGY2

Hayley Born, MD
Fellow, Sean Parker Institute for the Voice at Weill Cornell Medical Center, PGY7

Ahmed Sobhy Youssef, MD

Board of Governors – Governance and Society Engagement Committee (GoSE)

Nikolas Block-Wheeler, MD
Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, PGY3

Kevin Contrera, MD, MPH
MD Anderson Cancer Center, PGY6

Lauren Abigail Gardiner, MD
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, PGY2

Board of Governors Alternate Governor – Socioeconomic and Grassroots Committee (SEGR)

Hannah N. Kuhar, MD
The Ohio State University, PGY3

Board of Governors Alternate Governor – Legislative Affairs Committee

Mark Fadel, MD, JD
UPMC Medical Education, PGY3

Annie Moroco, MD
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, PGY2

Ricardo Pulico, MD
University of Washington, PGY3

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