Otolaryngology in Global Health

Scholarly Work on the Advancement of Global Surgical Care

Surgical care in resource limited settings, and in the developing world, is a subject of social and investigative interest among humanitarian surgeons. Otolaryngology­Head and Neck Surgery, as a surgical specialty, remains an area of growing activism and study.

The Humanitarian Efforts Committee encourages otolaryngologists to collaborate with established medical and surgical initiatives in developing countries and public health systems wherever possible.

Priorities for the Specialty

Many surgical management challenges are faced by otolaryngologists in resource limited settings. Certain pathologies are thought to be areas of greater need. The Humanitarian Efforts Committee invites Academy members to share their opinion using #OtoGlobalPriorities.

  • Management of thyroid and parathyroid disease
  • Assessment and rehabilitation of hearing loss
  • Management of chronic ear disease
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Pediatric airway

Technical Aspects of Otolaryngologic Practice in Resource Limited Settings

Otolaryngology is a technology ­heavy surgical specialty. Access to quality otoscopes, microscopes, endoscopes, and surgical instruments remains a need.

Companies or individuals able to provide equipment rental, repair, or sales at rates suitable for humanitarian initiatives are encouraged to contact the Committee.

Photography Statement

A position statement regarding clinical photography and portraiture has been published by the Humanitarian Efforts Committee for the Academy for the reference of all clinicians participating in humanitarian work.

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