Reg-ent℠ and Epic

Epic-Approved Data-Sharing Solution Now Available

The FIGmd Enterprise Connector (FEC) for Epic app is a verified solution that allows registry sites to quickly and seamlessly share data with Reg-ent.

Available via the Epic App Orchard, the FIGmd FEC for Epic app was approved by Epic in July 2018 and was piloted with several sites across FIGmd registries, including Reg-ent. Following the successful conclusion of this implementation pilot in early March 2019, the Epic app is now available to all Reg-ent sites with the Epic Caboodle database.

What is the FIGmd FEC for Epic?
The FIGmd Enterprise Connector (FEC) assists with extracting data from your institutions or practice’s data repository and submitting that data for participation in Reg-ent. Caboodle is Epic’s Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and beginning with version 15, it includes the Kit gateway. Accessing the clinical data in Caboodle via Kit provides FIGmd access to a standard data model containing the data elements required by the Reg-ent registry, while providing your institution with a secure Epic-approved method to extract and share data.

Advantages of the FIGmd FEC for Epic App:

  • Since this is an Epic approved solution, it typically makes the internal approval process less complicated.
  • Since the standard data model and the views to that data are predefined by Epic, there is a reduced burden on your institution’s IT staff to configure Kit or Caboodle.
  • A single source connection means increased efficiency.

***Please note, that contract negotiation, data security review, and discussions with IT may take several months to complete depending on the institution.***

Situations to factor into your timeline:


  • Obtaining approval from large health systems and academic centers
  • Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Technical Reviews
  • Scheduling monthly calls
  • Educational review on Kit and Caboodle
  • Potential to install a test environment and then move to production.


Important Information for Private Practices:

If you are a private practice, large or small, and utilize Epic as your EHR you may also be affiliated with a healthcare system or large institution. Please check with your local Epic vendor contact to confirm if you practice is or is not already part of a Reg-ent contract.

To learn more about the Epic app and how to get started with the Reg-ent registry, please contact the Reg-ent Team at [email protected]. If you are ready to join Reg-ent now, please visit our Sign Up Portal to complete the registration process.

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