Reg-ent collects patient and encounter data from electronic health records (EHRs). The ability to collect data and the method of collection are dependent on the EHR vendor solution and how the data is hosted (either locally or in the cloud).

Reg-ent’s technical vendor partner, FIGmd, will either “pull” your EHR data into Reg-ent through the Registry Practice Connector (RPC) software application OR your EHR vendor will “push” your data files to Reg-ent.

Academy members can access the Reg-ent and FIGmd Data Collection 101 Guide to learn more about the Data Collection methods and basic terminology.

While Reg-ent and FIGmd have successfully integrated with most EHRs. Please keep in mind that successful integration is not always guaranteed. Please review this comprehensive list of EHRs to see if your EHR is currently providing data to Reg-ent – if it isn’t, please note that FIGmd is actively working with many of these vendors to develop-extraction solutions for registry participants.


EHRVendor LocationData Transfer Method (Push or Pull)
iSalus/AllmedsCloudCurrently working on a solution to collect data with the vendor.
AllscriptsCloud or ServerAllscripts now offers API for sharing data for cloud-hosted Allscripts Clients. For more information visit here
Amazing ChartsServerSee below ELIXIR for additional information.
Athena (athenahealth)
Cloud or ServerCloud: Gaps present in data receiving.
Server: Successfully extracting data.
CernerBothThe Reg-ent registry is able to receive data from Cerner via either direct extraction (where possible) or data reports sent from Cerner. This includes data on otolaryngology-specific measures including free text notes.
CureMDCloudSee below ELIXIR for additional information.
DrChronoCloudPUSH through API. Fee will be charged for sending data to registries. See tab 2 ELIXIR for additional information.
Cloud or ServerCloud: Fees will be charged by eClinicalWorks. See Tab 2 ELIXIR.
Server: Successfully extracting data.
eMDsServerSuccessfully extracting data. See Tab 2 ELIXIR.
Click here for more information.
FIGmd is now listed as App Orchard certified Epic vendor, and to date 11 academic centers have integrated with Reg-ent and three more are in the contracting process to participate.
GE CentricityServer
Greenway -IntergyServerSuccessfully extracting data.
Greenway -Primesuite
Cloud or ServerCloud: Currently working on a PUSH solution with the vendor.
Server: Successfully extracting data.
MedentCloudSuccessfully receiving data. On QPP Measures Only*
Medisoft ClinicalServer
Modernizing MedicineCloudCollecting Data via Modernizing Medicine's Data Delivery Product
NextGenServerSuccessfully extracting data.
SRS SoftServer
Waiting Room Solutions WRS HealthCloudLimited QCDR Measures and QPP Measures. Please contact [email protected] for more information.
Webchart by MIECloud
VendorExilir Interface Fee (per provider/per year)Registration Portal
eMDs$100Visit Now
MedinformatixNo Fees
Amazing ChartsNo Fees
MD SynergyNo Fees
eClinicalWorks (eCW) CLOUD $300
Compulink $150
CureMDInterface Fee Not EstablishedComing Soon Later 2021
DrChronoInterface Fee Not EstablishedComing Soon Later 2021
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