Hal Foster, MD Endowment

A charitable gift to the Hal Foster, MD Endowment ensures the future of the specialty through endowed lectures, research grants, International Visiting Scholarships (IVS), and humanitarian grants as well as providing opportunities specific to residents, young physicians, women, and promoting diversity of the specialty.

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Ensure the Future of the Specialty

When the next generation comes along we don’t want to hand them today’s AAO-HNS, we want to hand them tomorrow’s AAO-HNS, with the financial strength, with the endowment necessary so that they will not be at the mercy of macro and microeconomic changes. We want to make sure that they have what they need.”

— David R. Nielsen, MD, AAO-HNS/F EVP/CEO, 2002-2014

Endowment donations are invested to generate earnings to support of the foundation’s on-going programs and initiatives over the long-term. A charitable gift of at least $5,000 automatically makes you part of the Millennium Society.


Charitable gifts invested to continue today’s programs into the future. If you wish to make a donation to one of the directed endowments listed below, please click on endowment name.

  • Hal Foster, MD Endowment – Used where needed most
  • David R. Nielsen Endowment – Used where needed most
  • Diversity Endowment
  • Residents and Young Physicians Future Leaders Endowment
  • Women in Otolaryngology Endowment
  • Bobby R. Alford, MD Research Endowment
  • Harry Barnes, MD Society Endowment
  • Roy R. Casiano, MD ARS Pan American IVS Endowment
  • Nancy L. Snyderman, MD IVS Endowment
  • Eiji Yanagisawa, MD IVS Endowment

For more information,
please contact the AAO-HNS foundation Development Department:

Phone: 703-535-3775
Email: [email protected]

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