State Trackers

State Legislative Tracker is a volunteer role designed to support AAO-HNS advocacy efforts at the state level. State Legislative Trackers take an active part in monitoring and analyzing pending state legislation that will affect the medical profession and otolaryngology specialty.

We ask that you be familiar with AAO-HNS state legislative priority issues and AAO-HNS position statements.  AAO-HNS staff can assist you and give you the tools you need to be a successful State Tracker.

State Legislative Tracking

As a State Tracker, you are given regular access and updates to legislation introduced in your state.  These are provided to you directly from a professional tracking service.

  • Check your email for state legislative alerts.
  • Read bill summaries: Does it affect our patients, our practice, our profession?
  • Contact AAO-HNS staff.
  • Talk to your colleagues.
  • Communicate with your state OTO society and state medical societies.

Participate in Regular Conference Calls

AAO-HNS will host regular conference calls to help identify national trends and hear your solutions.  The conference calls provide a forum to share feedback and ideas on pending legislation.

Sign Up Today!

AAO-HNS staff can sign you up today or you may contact [email protected]


For any questions, more information or to sign up, you may contact Aaron Castelo, Senior Advisor of State Advocacy at [email protected].

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