Otolaryngology Core Curriculum

A standardized, unified curriculum to support otolaryngology residents in training, practicing otolaryngologists, and advanced practice providers in the United States with the potential to be adapted for training globally

Registration materials will be emailed to Residency Training Programs in mid-April.
If you are an individual resident wishing to register yourself, please email [email protected].

AAO-HNSF, in partnership with the academic otolaryngology leadership, are excited to announce a new game-changing education offering, the Otolaryngology Core Curriculum (OCC). This new online learning platform is designed to ensure that residents have a strong foundation of core knowledge required for otolaryngology practice.

It is the only multimedia learning tool that establishes a core knowledge baseline for otolaryngology practice. The platform provides Residency Training Program Directors the ability to actively participate in residents’ learning, track their progress, and evaluate their need to help residents progress successfully throughout their training.

Meredith Merz Lind, MD, AAO-HNSF Coordinator for Education and leader of OCC module development recently interviewed OCC Co-Directors Jeffrey P. Simons, MD, MMM, (OCC leader for AAO-HNSF education), and Sonya Malekzadeh, MD (leader of the OCC Editorial Board), to discuss this unique, collaborative product and how it came about.

  • During this inaugural launch year, the AAO-HNSF will roll out the first 50 modules for 50 weeks of learning, covering the essential topics in otolaryngology.
  • The goal in 2026 is to have the full curriculum available, which will include 100 modules to support a complete two-year course of study.
  • Each module includes a weekly course of study, case-based learning, and a set of topic-specific assessment questions.
  • Learners have access to a robust Question Bank to test knowledge and build mastery.
  • The platform also includes a searchable multimedia library with otolaryngology images, surgical video procedures, topical webcasts, podcasts, and education resources.

*The first year of launch, July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2025, will include the first 50 topics.

This new product will launch on July 1, 2024, and is geared toward Otolaryngology Residency Training Programs and their residents. AAO-HNSF will contact each program with a packet of information and the necessary materials to assist with enrollment.

  • Residency Training Programs: Registration materials will be emailed to you in mid-April.
  • Individual Residents: Residents wishing to register themselves, please email [email protected].

Programs that enroll will receive the following three complimentary subscriptions:

  1. Program Director
  2. Program Coordinator
  3. A faculty teaching account to set up your program

Information on how to purchase a single subscription will be available this summer!

For questions, please contact [email protected].

Lacey K. Adkins, MD
Garima Agarwal, MD
Iram N. Ahmad, MD
Jenny Alyono, MD, MS
Christopher H. Azbell, MD
Michael Baddour, MD
Brandon J. Baird, MD
Fuad M. Baroody, MD
Lauren A. Bohm, MD
Kieran Boochoon, MD
Jenna W. Briddell, MD
Harrison A. Cash, MD
Bruna R. Castro Silva, MD
Daniel J. Cates, MD
C. W. David Chang, MD
Christine M. Clark, MD
Nicole Crimi, MD
Steven D. Curry, MD
Christine E. DeMason, MD
Karuna Dewan, MD
Janice Farlow, MD
Daniel S. Frank, MD
Meha G. Fox, MD
Deepa J. Galaiya, MD
Eric A. Gantwerker, MD, MMSc

William Z. Gao, MD
Christina M. Gillespie, MD
Nikita Gupta, MD
Nadine H. Haykal, MD
Steven M. Houser, MD
Anita S. Jeyakumar, MD, MS
Stephanie Joe, MD
Azeem Kaka, MD
Vivian F. Kaul, MD
Srinivas R. Kaza, MD
Srinivas R. Kaza, MD
Diana N. Kirke, MD
Nikita V. Kohli, MD
Benjamin M. Laitman, MD, PhD
Elton M. Lambert, MD
Victoria S. Lee, MD
Meredith Merz Lind, MD
Patricia A. Loftus, MD
Jennifer L. Long, MD, PhD
Nauman F. Manzoor, MD
Jason G. May, MD
Erika McCarty Walsh, MD
Kevin E. McLaughlin, MD
Mia E. Miller, MD
Lauren B. Moneta, MD

Akash N. Naik, MD
Chetan S. Nayak, MD
Michael Ian Orestas, MD
Alexandra S. Ortiz, MD
Kellous A. Price, MD
Phillip R. Purnell, MD, PhD
Mallory J. Raymond, MD
Elliott Regenbogen, MD
Yin Ren, MD, PhD
Habib Rizk, MD, MSc
Mirabelle B. Sajisevi, MD
Danielle Scarola, MD
Amy Schell, MD
Matthew S. Sitton, MD
Satyan B. Sreenath, MD
Patrick T. Tassone, MD
Lauren F. Tracy, MD
Esther X. Vivas, MD
Patrick C. Walz, MD
Michael S. Weinstock, MD
Lyndy J. Wilcox, MD
Elizabeth S. Willingham, MD
Yu-Lan Mary Ling, MD
Andrea M. Ziegler, MD

Please email us [email protected].

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