Quality Measurement

Evidence-based products developed by otolaryngologists for otolaryngologists are needed for our specialty to meet the demands of payers, accrediting bodies, and maintenance of certification and licensure programs, so that our members can succeed in the changing healthcare marketplace. As otolaryngologists–head and neck surgeons we must engage in creating and implementing clinically valid quality measures and take the lead in defining what “quality care” means for our specialty. Please take the time out to view our resources applicable to you and your practice.

AAO-HNSF Endorsed Quality Measures

Quality measures create an objective assessment of how well healthcare providers adhere to evidence-based standards of care to achieve desired outcomes. Measures can be used to evaluate the structure, process, and outcomes of care. Process measures capture the action the clinician performs, or does not perform, as recommended by the evidence. Outcome measures attempt to quantify the patient outcome of the provided treatment and can be taken from objective data as reported by a clinician or patient.

AAO-HNSF Measure Publications

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