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Welcome Presenters and Faculty

Greetings from the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting Program Committee, and congratulations to you all again for your exceptional submissions to this year’s program!


It’s important to note that the entire education program will be delivered in-person, with a limited number of these in-person sessions being live-streamed. There will be no pre-recorded presentations or remote presenters.

Presentations made available by faculty will be captured for enduring education purposes and made available to registered attendees online for three-years in OTO Logic, the Academy’s learning management system.

Conference Harvester speaker portal is our home base for presenters.

As a faculty member, this is where you will:

  • Confirm your participation
  • Update your profile
  • Verify your session date and time; schedule is subject to change
  • Review your session title, description, and objectives
  • Submit your disclosures
  • Authorize AAO-HSNF to record your lecture and published it in OTO Logic, the Academy’s learning management system
  • Submit a short biography and headshot photo
  • Download the AAO-HNSF PowerPoint Template

You are encouraged to visit the portal regularly to ensure your tasks are completed. You will also receive an email when there are new tasks, or if your current tasks have not been completed.

All speakers and moderators are required to register and make their own hotel and travel arrangements.

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