Template Appeal Letters and Advocacy Statements

In order to assist with your reimbursement needs the Academy of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery has created template letters advocacy statements (otherwise known as blanket statements) to assist members with denials on specific procedures.

The Academy’s Health Policy team primarily focuses on national socioeconomic issues impacting the membership at large. However, in order to assist members with needed support on issues at the local or state level, we have created template appeal letters.

The letters below are generic, act only as guidance for members to construct their appeal letters, and do not purport to address the details of a specific appeal. Members should use their company letterhead/logo, as well as fill in the blanks and header information. Our advocacy statements have been created to offer additional support and a detailed rationale of why a particular procedure should be covered by payers.

Please Contact the Health Policy department if you have any questions regarding these letters.

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