Business of Medicine

AAO-HNS Position Statements

Position statements are approved by the American Academy of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery or Foundation (AAO-HNS/F) Boards of Directors and are typically generated from AAO-HNS/F committees. Once approved by the Academy or Foundation Board of Directors, they become official position statements and are added to the existing position statement library.

The 2022 Otolaryngology Workforce

This report, published on July 20, 2023, contains the most in-depth look at the otolaryngology workforce since the 1975 National Institutes of Health-sponsored study.

Reimbursement Advocacy

The Academy advocates for otolaryngology—head and neck surgeons related to providing services to Medicare and private payer patients, as well as related to the development of health policy in healthcare system reform.


CPT for ENT articles are a collaborative effort between the Academy’s team of CPT Advisors, members of the Physician Payment Policy (3P) workgroup, and health policy staff. Articles are developed to address common coding questions received by the health policy team, as well as to clarify coding changes and correct coding principles for frequently reported ENT procedures.

Clinical Indicators

Clinical indicators for otolaryngology serve as a checklist for practitioners and a quality care review tool for clinical departments. Clinical Indicators are intended as suggestions, not rules, and should be modified by users when deemed medically necessary. In no sense do they represent a standard of care.

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