2020-2021 Board of Directors

Photo of Board of Directors

Board of Directors Positions and Members

  • President
    Carol R. Bradford, MD, MS
  • President-Elect
    Ken Yanagisawa, MD
  • Secretary/Treasurer
    Kenneth W. Altman, MD, PhD
  • Secretary/Treasurer-Elect
    Steven W. Cheung, MD, MBA
  • Immediate Past President
    Duane J. Taylor, MD
  • Executive Vice President and CEO
    James C. Denneny III, MD

Director – Private Practice
Douglas D. Backous, MD

Director – Private Practice
William R. Blythe, MD

Director – Private Practice
Eugene G. Brown III, MD

Director – Academic
Valerie A. Flanary, MD

Director – Academic
Earl H. Harley, MD

Director – Private Practice
LaKeisha R. Henry, MD

Director – Academic
Brent A. Senior, MD

  • Chair, Ethics Committee
    Roger D. Cole, MD, MA 

  • Coordinator for Advocacy
    R. Peter Manes, MD

  • Annual Meeting Program Coordinator
    Daniel C. Chelius, Jr., MD
  • Coordinator for Education
    Jeffrey P. Simons, MD
  • Coordinator for International Affairs
    J. Pablo Stolovitzky, MD
  • Coordinator-Elect for International Affairs
    Mark E. Zafereo, Jr.
  • Coordinator for Research and Quality
    Cecelia Schmalbach, MD
  • Journal Editor
    John H. Krouse, MD, PhD, MBA

  • Chair, BOG
    Lance A. Manning, MD
  • Chair-Elect, BOG
    Troy D. Woodard, MD
  • Past Chair, BOG
    Spencer C. Payne, MD

  • Chair, International Advisory Board (IAB)
    Karl Hoermann, MD

  • President, ASCENT
    Joanne Gauthier, COPM
  • Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Committee
    Erynne A. Faucett, MD
  • Chair, Section for Residents and Fellows (SRF)
    Zainab Farzal, MD
  • Chair, Women in Otolaryngology (WIO)
    Jamie R. Litvak, MD
  • Chair, Young Physicians Section (YPS)
    Nausheen Jamal, MD
  • AAO-HNS/F Counsel
    Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville, P.C.
    Robert M. Portman, Esq.
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