Health Policy Advocacy

Coding Corner

While the Academy does not provide individualized coding or billing advice, we do offer several comprehensive resources to aid AAO-HNS members in their practice decisions. The Academy’s Coding Corner makes accessing the newest coding and reimbursement tools simple and straightforward for members. See below for the latest resources specific to the specialty.

Position Statements

Position Statements are generated from within AAO-HNS/F committees. However, an individual member may request consideration of a topic for position statement development. If you would like the Academy to consider drafting a Position Statement on a particular topic or are interested in revising an existing Position Statement, please submit details about the topic and your concerns at [email protected]. Academy staff will route your message to the appropriate Committee Chair(s) for consideration.


CPT for ENT articles are a collaborative effort between the Academy’s team of CPT Advisors, members of the Physician Payment Policy (3P) workgroup, and health policy staff. Articles are developed to address common coding questions received by the health policy team, as well as to clarify coding changes and correct coding principles for frequently reported ENT procedures.

Additional Health Policy Advocacy Information

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