Millennium Society Donors

Thanking Our Donors!

The AAO-HNS foundation sincerely thanks our major donors for creating a tradition of giving back to their specialty and supporting the foundation’s programs today and tomorrow.  Our major donors have made a charitable gift of at least $1,000 to the 125 Strong Campaign or  Annual Fund within the past 12 months or at least $5,000 to a Hal Foster, MD Endowment fund.


(Donors who contributed at least $30,000 to the foundation’s 125 Strong/Annual Fund or a Hal Foster, MD Endowment fund)

Mona M. Abaza, MD, MS
Peter J. Abramson, MD
Kenneth W. Altman, MD, PhD
J. Noble Anderson, Jr., MD
Seilesh Babu, MD
Douglas D. Backous, MD 
Byron J. Bailey, MD
Robert W. Bastian, MD
Neal S. Beckford, MD
Nikhil J. Bhatt, MD
Neil Bhattacharyya, MD
Andrew Blitzer, MD, DDS
William R. Bond, Jr., MD, MBA
Mark E. Boston, MD
Marcella R. Bothwell, MD, MBA
I. David Bough, Jr., MD
Linda S. Brodsky, MD (decd.)
Gene G. Brown, III, MD (New)
Robert E. Butler, MD
C. Ron Cannon, MD
Roy R. Casiano, MD
Sujana S. Chandrasekhar, MD
Ajay E. Chitkara, MD
Sukgi S. Choi, MD
Felix W. K. Chu, MD
Noel L. Cohen, MD
Robin T. Cotton, MD
James Croushore, MD
Lawrence J. Danna, MD
Nathan A. Deckard, MD
James C. Denneny, III, MD
David R. Edelstein, MD
David E. Eibling, MD
Lee D. Eisenberg, MD, MPH
Janelle A. Y. Engel, MD
Lisa T. Galati, MD
Raghuvir B. Gelot, MD
Samuel J. Girgis, MD
Michael E. Glasscock, III, MD (decd.)
Jack L. Gluckman, MD
Steven M. Gold, MD
Barbara Goldstein, PhD
Rebecca D. Golgert, MD
Mary E. Gorman, MD
Thomas A. Graves, MD
Joseph K. Han, MD
A. Kristina E. Hart, MD
Jack V. Hough, MD (decd.)
John W. House, MD
Stacey L. Ishman, MD, MPH
Barry R. Jacobs, MD
Jonas T. Johnson, MD
Romaine F. Johnson, MD
Srinivas R. Kaza, MD
Darius Kohan, MD
Dennis H. Kraus, MD
Helen F. Krause, MD (decd.)
John H. Krouse, MD, PhD, MBA
Vandana Kumra, MD
Ronald B. Kuppersmith, MD, MBA
Rande H. Lazar, MD, FRCS
Thomas B. Logan, MD
Rick G. Love, MD (decd.)
Frank E. Lucente, MD
Rodney P. Lusk, MD
William M. Luxford, MD
Sonya Malekzadeh, MD
Phillip L. Massengill, MD
Dinesh C. Mehta, MD
Ralph B. Metson, MD
Eugene N. Myers, MD, FRCS Edin (Hon)
James L. Netterville, MD
David R. Nielsen, MD
Spencer C. Payne, MD
Angela M. Powell, MD
Eileen M. Raynor, MD
Richard M. Rosenfeld, MD, MPH
Eben L. Rosenthal, MD
Steven H. Sacks, MD
Cecelia E. Schmalbach, MD
Jerry M. Schreibstein, MD
Seth R. Schwartz, MD, MPH
Michael D. Seidman, MD
Gavin Setzen, MD
Michael Setzen, MD
Abraham Shulman, MD
Herbert Silverstein, MD
William H. Slattery, III, MD
Nancy L. Snyderman, MD
James A. Stankiewicz, MD
Michael Stewart, MD, MPH
J. Pablo Stolovitzky, MD
Krishnamurthi Sundaram, MD
Duane J. Taylor, MD
Jonathan Y. Ting, MD, MS, MBA (New)
Dana M. Thompson, MD, MS
Betty S. Tsai, MD
Ira D. Uretzky, MD
P. Ashley Wackym, MD
Pell Ann Wardrop, MD
Richard Alan Weinstock, DO
Leslie K. Williamson, MD
Eric P. Wilkinson, MD
David L. Witsell, MD, MHS
Peak Woo, MD
Geoffrey L. Wright, MD
Eiji Yanagisawa, MD
Ken Yanagisawa, MD
Jay S. Youngerman, MD
Mark E. Zafereo, Jr., MD
Joan T. Zajtchuk, MD (New)


(Donors who pledged/donated $5,000 to the foundation’s 125 Campaign/Annual Fund or a Hal Foster, MD Endowment fund)

Meredith E. Adams, MD (New)
Susan K. Anderson, DO
Carol A. Bauer, MD
Bruce H. Campbell, MD (New)
Elizabeth A. Dinces, MD (New)
Joni K. Doherty, MD, PhD (New)
Jean Anderson Eloy, MD
Ilana Feinerman, MD
Valerie A. Flanary, MD
Robert A. Glazer, MPA (ENT & Allergy Associates LLP)
Eli R. Groppo, MD
Gina D. Jefferson, MD
Priya D. Krishna, MD
Kelly Michele Malloy, MD 
Meredith N. Merz Lind, MD
Nicole Murray, MD
Sanjay R. Parikh, MD
Lisa C. Perry-Gilkes, MD
Anna M. Pou, MD (New)
Gregory W. Randolph, MD
Minka L. Schofield, MD
Brent A. Senior, MD  
Asfer Shariff, MD (New)
Jeffrey P. Simons, MD
Richard V. Smith, MD
Timothy L. Smith, MD, MPH
Jamie Stern, MD
Scott P. Stringer, MD
Yolanda L. Troublefield, MD, JD
Andrea Vambutas, MD
Jack Wazen, MD
Erika A. Woodson, MD
Daniel L. Wohl, MD
Kathleen L. Yaremchuk, MD, MSA
Nina S. Yoshpe, MD
Lauren S. Zaretsky, MD (New)


(Donors who donated $250 to the foundation’s 125 Campaign/Annual Fund and are either a resident or young physician)

Scott R. Chaiet, MD, MBA
Andrew M. Coughlin, MD
Mark R. Gilbert, MD
Sassan Falsafi, MD
Nausheen Jamal, MD
Paul D. Judge, MD
Evelyne Kalyoussef, MD
Erin Kirkham, MD
Oleg V. Kravtchenko, MD
Alex Labby, MD
Kent K. Lam, MD
Bryan McRae, MD
Vikas Mehta, MD
Stephanie Misono, MD, MPH
Nikhila P. Raol, MD
Matthew Smith, MD
Maria V. Suurna, MD
Larissa Sweeny, MD
Jennifer A. Villwock, MD
Esther X. Vivas, MD




(Donors who donated $1,000 to the foundation’s 125 Strong Campaign/Annual Fund)

Samantha Anne, MD
Lauren C. Anderson, MD
Moises A. Arriaga, MD, MBA
Cristina Baldassari, MD
Kamal A. Batniji, MD
Michael S. Benninger, MD
Elizabeth A. Blair, MD
Eric W. Bridges, MD
C. W. David Chang, MD
C. Y. Joseph Chang, MD
Boris Chernobilsky, MD
Alexander Chiu, MD
Khalid Chowdhury, MD
David M. Cognetti, MD
Stephen P. Cragle, MD
Roberto A. Cueva, MD
Michael J. Cunningham, MD
Alexandros Georgolios, MD
Robert P. Green, MD
Steven D. Handler, MD
Thomas S. Higgins, Jr., MD, MSPH
Earl H. Harley, MD
Paul M. Imber, DO
Stephanie Joe, MD
Ken Kazahaya, MD, MBA
Anjum Khan, MD, MPH
Timothy D. Knudsen, MD
Jeffrey J. Kuhn, MD
John T. Lanza, MD
Pierre Lavertu, MD
Joseph M. Leary, MD
Steven B. Levine, MD
Philip G. Liu, MD
Amber U. Luong, MD, PhD
R. Peter Manes, MD
Lance A. Manning, MD
Christina M. McAlpin, MD
Alan G. Micco, MD
Mary T. Mitskavich, MD
Cherie-Ann O. Nathan, MD
Brian Nussenbaum, MD
Adam Pearl, MD
Robert T. Sataloff, MD, DMA
Merry E. Sebelik, MD
Carl H. Snyderman, MD
Gary M. Snyder, MD
Joseph R. Spiegel, MD
J. Gregory Staffel, MD
Maja Svrakic, MD
David E. Tunkel, MD
Ralph R. Tyner, MD
Richard W. Waguespack, MD
Marilene B. Wang, MD
Hiroshi Watanabe, MD
Mark K. Wax, MD
Rhonda Wynn, MD
Bevan Yueh, MD, MPH

As of  January 2022

Make a donation today of at least $1,000 and become part of the Millennium Society and receive exclusive benefits. Questions or need more information? Please contact the Development Staff at 703-535-3775 or [email protected].



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