BOG Leadership History

White Board of Governors Logo on Green BackgroundBoard of Governors Chairs

The Board of Governors (BOG) was established in 1982 as a grassroots member network within the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. Over the course of its history, 39 individuals have served as Chair, providing leadership – that uniquely consistent and defining force behind great and enduring organization – to the BOG, and representing its interests as a member of the Academy’s Board of Directors.


2021-2022 Troy Woodard

2020-2021 Lance Manning

2019-2020 Spencer Payne

2018–2019 Ken Yanagisawa

2017–2016 Sanjay Parikh

2016–2017 Stacey Ishman

2015–2016 David Edelstein

2014–2015 Wendy Stern

2013–2014 Peter Abramson

2012–2013 Denis Lafreniere

2011–2012 Sujana Chandrasekhar

2010–2011 Michael Seidman

2009–2010 Gavin Setzen

2008–2009 Jerry Schreibstein

2007–2008 Pablo Stolovitzky

2006–2007 Peter Weber

2005–2006 Leonard W. Brown

2004–2005 Thomas B. Logan

2003–2004 Richard Waguespack

2002–2003 Rebecca Gaughan

2001-2002 Joseph E. Leonard

2000-2001 Michael Setzen

1999-2000 C. Ron Cannon

1998-1999 James Denneny, III

1997-1998 David R. Nielsen

1996-1997 Michael S. Benninger

1995-1996 John G. Campbell (deceased)

1994-1995 Ira D. Papel

1993-1994 W. Frederick McGuirt, Sr.

1992-1993 Gary T. Turner

1991-1992 Paul I. Wills

1990-1991 Willard (Bill) B. Moran, Jr.

1989-1990 D. Morton Boyette

1988-1989 J. David Osguthorpe

1987-1988 Neil O. Ward

1986-1987 William E. Silver

1985-1986 Robert J. Keim (deceased)

1984-1985 William P. King (deceased)

1983-1984 Willard E. Fee, Jr.

1982-1983 Marvin A. Singleton – First Chair – BOG founded 1982

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