Operation Restore Hope USA in Cebu, Philippines


Operation Restore Hope USA in Cebu, Philippines

Operation Restore Hope began as an Australian based non-profit charity to provide surgical care to patients with cleft lip and palate in the Philippines, founded in 1993 by Sydney plastic surgeon Darryl Hodgkinson, MD.  Trips were initially undertaken in the vicinity of Manila, but were expanded to include Cebu with a separate team of providers.  In Cebu, care was originally provided at Lapu Lapu City District Hospital.  ORH partnered with the Rotary Club of Cebu, which coordinated patient outreach and recruitment.  There were two operating tables in a single operating room, in which electric power was often interrupted.  Over time, our Cebu team grew to the point where it separated from Operation Restore Hope Australia.  Our current group, Operation Restore Hope USA, consists of four pediatric otolaryngologists, each often accompanied by a resident or fellow, and a pediatrician (who happens to me my wife).  ORH USA collaborates with Smile for ME Australia and AMRO (All Terrain Medical Relief Organization).  Smile for ME Australia is comprised of volunteer anesthesiologists (termed anesthetists in Australia), recovery room nurses, and surgical nurses.  Surgical scrub techs and pediatric hospital inpatient nurses are typically local Filipino volunteers.  AMRO is an NGO based in the Philippines that was founded in 2009 by Dr Wyben Briones, many members of which are also with the Rotary Club of Cebu. They conduct medical relief operations including minor surgical and general health care as well as distribution of supplies in rural and mountainous communities, including disaster affected areas. AMRO provides patient recruitment and outreach, in addition to transportation for patients and families.  All care is provided at no cost to the patients at the ACE (Allied Care Experts) Medical Center in Metro Cebu, for which Dr. Briones serves as Medical Director.



Coordinator Contact Information

Robin Dyleski, MD, Executive Director






Please visit https://www.smileforme.org.au for the most up to date information

Typical Service Commitment

9-10 Days

Financial Aspects

travel costs, hotel, most meals, and transportation. Unlikely to exceed USD $2000 depending on air fares.

Seeking Volunteers

Last Updated: 07/03/24

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