Reg-ent℠ Participation Fees

The following explains the participation fees associated with the Reg-ent registry.

Application Fees: The Participant will be charged a one-time application fee of $250 for each provider (each physician and non-physician provider) listed in Appendix A, Participant’s List of Providers Participating in the Registry. Application fees are due when a Participant registers to join Reg-ent.

Subscription Fees: Yearly subscription fees of $295 per provider (each physician and non-physician provider). Subscription fees are due when a Participant registers to join Reg-ent.  All subscription fee renewals align to a calendar year cycle with annual renewals being due by January 31st of each calendar year.

Participants adding providers to Appendix A after the execution of the Participation Agreement and BAA/DUA will be required the full $250 application fee and the annual subscription fee regardless of the date they join.

Payment of Fees: Reg-ent participation fees are collected upon registration via the Reg-ent Sign Up Portal. Reg-ent participation fees are paid at the Participant (i.e., practice account) level, not at the individual provider level. A Participant can add providers to a Reg-ent account at any time via the Reg-ent Sign Up Portal; payment of participation fees is due at that time.

Annual Renewals: Payment of renewal fees are due by January 31st of each calendar year. Non-payment or late payment of fees will lead to an interruption of service and access to the registry.

Please contact [email protected] with pricing or enrollment questions.

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