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Rhinology Outcome Tool: RSUI

Rhinology Outcome Tool: RSUI

Rhinitis Symptom Utility Index (RSUI)


Measures the severity and frequency of rhinitis related symptoms over 14 days

Targeted Age


Items (Domains)

10 (N/A)

Estimated Completion Time

5 – 10 minutes

Reliability/Validity Assessment



1) Revicki DA, Leidy NK, Brennan-Diemer F, Thompson C, Togias A. Development and preliminary validation of the multiattribute Rhinitis Symptom Utility Index. Qual Life Res 1998;7:693–702.

2) Lo PS, Tong MC, Revicki DA, Lee CC, Woo JK, Lam HC, van Hasselt CA. Rhinitis Symptom Utility Index (RSUI) in Chinese subjects: a ultiattribute patient-preference approach. Qual Life Res 2006;15:877-87.

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