Getting Started - Letters of Intent

Getting Started - Letters of Intent

The CORE Grant Program is paperless. All lettersof of intent (LOI) and applications are submitted through proposalCENTRAL, our electronic submission site.

If you are a new user of proposcalCENTRAL, follow the "Register" link and complete the registration process. After you register, complete your Professional Profile (green tab second from left) before starting the application process.

Applicants who are not eligible for an award and/or do not follow instructions for preparing an application, may be administratively withdrawn.

Getting Started:

  1. Review the CORE Grants At-a-glance document to help you determine which grant mechanism would be the best fit for your project and career stage.
  2. Select one grant mechanism for your application submission. DO NOT APPLY TO MULTIPLE MECHANISMS WITH THE SAME PROJECT. (If you have multiple UNIQUE projects, you may apply to more than one mechanism. .)
  3. Carefully review the Funding Opportunity Announcement for the grant mechanism you have selected. Be sure you are eligible and understand the conditions and terms before starting the application process.
  4. Visit proposalCENTRAL, our electronic submission site, to create an account or review and update an existing account. To view the available funding opportunities, select CORE-Centralized Otolaryngology Research Efforts from the 'Filter List by Grantmaker' dropdown menu on the proposalCENTRAL site.
  5. Submit a letter of intent (LOI) by midnight EST December 15th. See the required information for submitting an LOI below. You must submit a letter of intent in order to apply for a CORE grant, however, it is non-binding.
  6. Once you receive an approval email for your LOI, you may start on the full application.

Letters of Intent
The letters help us anticipate our review requirements but are non-binding. You will not be penalized for submitting and LOI and then deciding not to submitt and application. Submit your letter of intent online via proposalCENTRAL by December 15th.

The letter of intent includes:

a. Project Title
b. PI contact information and education
c. Institution (must have a current profile for the PI to link to)
d. Whether the project is a resubmission (note date if yes)
e. Other sources of funding (sources should b listed if applicable)
f. Total award amount requested
g. Start date and end date
h. Project Summary/Abstract (2,000 characters max. including spaces. Text only; no special characters or formatting). More on abstracts in the section below
i. Selected 'Focus Area' from key words provided (can select multiple key words)
j. Selected 'Discipline' from key words provided (can select multiple key words)
k. Selected 'Topic Area' from key words provided (can select multiple key words)

Submit one LOI to one mechanism. If you have multiple UNIQUE projects, you may submit to more than one mechanism. However, you will have to establish in each application that you will have the time to devote to multiple projects should they get funding.
What to include in the abstract:
State the project's broad, long-term objectives and goals, making reference to the health relatedness of the project. Be accurate, succinct, and brief. Describe concisely the research design and methods for achieving these goals. Avoid summaries of past accomplishments and the use of the first person. This description is meant to serve as a succinct and accurate description of the proposed work when separated from the application.