Annual Election

May 6 is the go-live date for the ballot. Take part and vote smart before the ballot closes on June 8!

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2016 Official Slate of Candidates

President-Elect (Private Practice)
Director at Large (Academic)
Director at Large (Private Practice)
Nominating Committee (Academic and Private Practice)
Audit Committee
Introducing the Candidate Forum

The Academy is excited to share with you a new opportunity for Members to interact with leadership candidates during the election cycle. This electronic exchange, which will be hosted on ENTConnect, is important because the Academy recognizes the need for members to have the opportunity to know the level of member engagement and prior relevant experience of candidates running for a leadership position in the Academy. Two questions per week will be shared with candidates to answer.  All candidates will have the opportunity to respond, but are not under any obligation to do so.

The following question was submitted for a response from the two president-elect candidates:

We are facing a shortage of “general practice” Otolaryngologists.  Fellowship training after completing Otolaryngology Residency is rapidly becoming the norm.  Recruitment of a general Otolaryngologist has become nearly impossible largely due to the small number of recently trained generalists. Patients who live in small or rural communities are increasingly required to travel long distances to have straight-forward ENT surgery by our Fellowship-trained colleagues.  How can this issue be addressed?  

Responses have been posted in the Candidates Forum!