Annual Election

Call For 2016 Election Nominees!

Members in good standing, who have proven leadership qualities, are familiar with the strategic direction of the Academy, and are able to dedicate the necessary time to serve are asked to contact any member of the Nominating Committee  to be considered for nomination to an elected leadership position. Links to the Application form and other related materials are below.

  1. Nominee Application Form. Must also sign statement agreeing to adhere to all aspects of the AAO-HNS/F Code for Interactions with Companies.
  2. Truncated CV (3 page maximum)
  3. One-page biographical sketch
  4. Confidential questionnaire
  5. Completed AAO-HNS Financial and Intellectual Disclosure form (can be located at
  6. Signed statement agreeing to abide by the “no campaigning” policy. The guidelines on Elections and Campaigning can be found here
  7. Color photo 

Deadline for submission of application packets to a current member of the Nominating Committee is December 7, 2015. The deadline will not be extended.

Elected positions to be filled:
President-Elect (Private Practice)
Director at Large (Academic)
Director at Large (Private Practice)
Nominating Committee (Academic and Private Practice)
Audit Committee

Nominating Committee

Gayle E. Woodson, MD, Chair

Susan R. Cordes, MD

David Edelstein, MD

Stacey L. Ishman, MD, MPH

Bradley W. Kesser, MD

Susan D. McCammon, MD

Albert L. Merati, MD

Brian A. Moore, MD

Spencer C. Payne, MD

Lawrence M. Simon, MD

Joseph C. Sniezek, MD