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Funding Decisions

Funding Decisions

AAO-HNSF Sponsored Grants
Grant award decisions are based on the scores of the meritorious applications. Following the grant review and scoring process, the meritorious applications are recommended by the CORE Study Section for final approval by the Executive Vice President/CEO of the Academy.

CORE Study Section Subcommittee Chairs for 2020:
Head and Neck Subcommittee: Cherie-Ann O. Nathan, MD
Otology Subcommittee: Oliver F. Adunka, MD
General Otolaryngology Subcommittee: Michael J. Brenner, MD

Partner Society & Industry Sponsored Grants
Throughout the annual CORE cycle, our partner societies and industry partners are continuously involved in the application submission and review process. Final funding decisions for partner society-funded grants are determined by the partner society. Each partner society has a slightly different funding selection process; however, in general, the final decision is made by an advisory panel, council or board.

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