AAO-HNS Annual Fund Donors

Thanking Our Donors!

The AAO-HNS foundation sincerely thanks our major donors for creating a tradition of giving back to their specialty and supporting the foundation’s programs today and tomorrow.


Kevin C. Lunde, MD
Jennifer Maw, MD
Rance W. Raney, MD

As of January 2020

Questions or need more information? Please contact the Development Staff at 703-535-3775 or [email protected].



Michael Armstrong, Jr., MD
Scott A. Baker, MD
Steven J. Blatchford, MD
Omar Fadhli, MD
Howard A. Farrell, MD, PC
Brian J. McKinnon, MD, MBA, MPH
Mariano E. Gonzalez-Diez, MD
Jason P. Haack, MD
Jo Anne Higa Ebba, MD
James R. House, III, MD
Solaiman Juman, MBBS, FRCS
Arthur M. Lauretano, Sr., MD
Pei S. Lin, MD
Yaoh-Shiang Lin, MD
Kenneth Liong A-Jin, MD
Michael E. McCormick, MD
Jams G. Murray, MD
V. Rama Nathan, MD
Ann M. Pou, MD
Barry B. Prestridge, MD
Michael Scherl, MD
Roy S. Schottenfeld, MD
Christopher K. Sinha, MD
Arsen Stegnjajic, MD
John W. Topping, III, MD
Richard M. Weir, MD
Lorraine M. Williams, MD, MPH
Thomas P. Winkler, MD
John W. Wyllie, III, MD
Glen Y. Yoshida, MD

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