The Holt Leadership Award for Residents and Fellows-in-Training

About the Holt Leadership Award for Residents and Fellows-in-Training

The Holt Leadership Award is awarded annually to the Resident or Fellow-in-Training who best exemplifies the attributes of a young leader: honesty, integrity, fairness, advocacy, and enthusiasm. The Award recognizes exemplary efforts onbehalf of the Section for Residents and Fellows-in-Training of the AAO-HNS/F for the promotion of the missions and goals of the association.

Nominees are brought forward annually from the SRF. Two candidates are submitted to the AAO-HNS/F Executive Committee for their final selection. The award, a check for $500 and a plaque, is presented at the annual SRF General Assembly and the awardee is announced during the Annual Meeting Opening Ceremony.

2020 Holt Leadership Award Recipient: Aurora G. Vincent, MD

The AAO-HNS awards the 2020 Holt Award to Aurora G. Vincent, MD, a fellow with the Facial Plastic Surgery Associates in Houston, TX.

As a senior resident, she mentored residents to become involved in research and was appointed the department’s research director. Dr. Vincent was instrumental in developing the first multidisciplinary head and neck transgender clinical service in the Department of Defense, and personally devised the sterno-omohyoid dual-vector free muscle flap, which is rapidly becoming the standard treatment for long-standing flaccid facial paralysis across the U.S. Army.

Dr. Vincent has published nine peer-reviewed papers and fifteen invited articles. She has won ten awards for her research at various local, regional, and national venues, military and civilian alike. She serves as a reviewer for multiple journals, a board member for the Northwest Academy of Otolaryngology, and a member of the Madigan Army Medical Center critical care committee. She recently participated in a mission to Lima, Peru, where she and her team provided 81 hearing aids and 164 pairs of glasses and performed 115 cleft surgeries.

Dr. Vincent has been recognized with the Kenyan Joyce Award for the best research paper and the MG Floyd L. Wergeland Award for the top graduating resident.

Dr. Vincent earned her MD from the Uniformed Services University in 2013 and completed her residency at Madigan Army Medical Center in 2018.

Previous Awardees:

  • 2019: Claire M. Lawlor, MD
  • 2018: Peter M. Vila, MD
  • 2017: David S. Cohen, MD
  • 2016: John M. Carter, MD
  • 2015: Nikhila P. Raol, MD, MPH
  • 2014: Jayme R. Dowdall, MD
  • 2013: Mark E. Zafereo, Jr., MD
  • 2012: Jeffrey C. Liu, MD
  • 2011: Vasu Divi, MD
  • 2010: Lily Love, MD
  • 2009: Spencer C. Payne, MD
  • 2008: Jacob D. Steiger, MD
  • 2007: Monica Tadros, MD
  • 2006: Angela M. Powell, MD and Mark E. Boston, MD
  • 2005: Adam T. Ross, MD
  • 2004: Paul L. Leong, MD
  • 2003: Liana Puscas, MD and Robert Puchalski, MD
  • 2002: F. Christopher Holsinger, MD

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