G-I-N Scholars

About the G-I-N Scholars Program

The Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) is an international not-for-profit association of organizations and individuals involved in Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs). G-I-N promotes the systematic development of CPGs and provides access to an international guideline library. The G-I-N Scholars program provides grants for members to attend the G-I-N conference. Requirements for grant recipients include commitments to collaborate with the AAO-HNSF as a panel member or assistant chair of an upcoming guideline panel and to submit a commentary pertaining to CPGs to Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery.

The 2022 G-I-N Conference will take place in Toronto from September 21-24 following the Cochrane Colloquium.

Previous G-I-N Scholars


Alissa Kanaan, MD
Integration of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in the Electronic Health Record

Sukgi Choi, MD
Clinical Practice Guidelines: How Does AAO-HNS Choose Topics and What Is the Process for Developing CPGs? 

Andrew Shuman, MD
Reg-ent within the Learning Health System

Samantha Anne, MD, MS
Role of consumers in guideline development process

Zhen Gooi, MD
Why Actionable Statements Are Needed for Measurement Development


Cristina Balsassari
Do Clinical Practice Guidelines Improve Quality? 

Douglas Ruhl
Medical Malpractice Implications of Clinical Practice Guidelines

Marisa Ryan
Adherence to clinical practice guidelines: How are we doing?

Joseph Scharpf
The Challenge of Trustworthy Guideline Development when Evidence is Sparse

Anita Jeyakumar
Evaluation of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics Hearing Loss


James (Whit) Mims, MD
Targeting Quality Improvement in Clinical Practice Guidelines

Ryan Murray, MD
Spreading the word: Technologies that assist guideline dissemination and implementation

Elliot Regenbogen, MD
Adult Sinusitis Guideline Comparison (IDSA vs AAOHNSF)

Robert Stachler, MD
Allergic Rhinitis CPG Comparison (AAAAI/ACAAI Practice Parameters vs AAOHNSF)


Stephen C. Maturo, MD
Are We in Compliance? AAO-HNSF Clinical Practice Guidelines’ Adherence to Standard

David E. Tunkel, MD
Who Wrote This Clinical Practice Guideline?


Scott E. Brietzke, MD MPH
Individualized clinical practice guidelines: the next step in the evidence-based health care evolution?

Richard K. Gurgel, MD
Updating Clinical Practice Guidelines: How Do We Stay Current?

Benjamin R. Roman, MD
Patient-centered Guideline Development: Best Practices Can Improve the Quality and Impact of Guidelines

Jennifer Shin, MD, SM
Involving Stakeholders in the Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines


David O. Francis, MD
From Bench to Trench: How Evidence and Guidelines Shape Health Care Policy and Practice

Lisa Ishii, MD
Closing the Clinical Gap: Translating Best Practice Knowledge to Performance with Guidelines Implementation

Melissa Pynnonen, MD
A Patient-Centered Approach to Clinical Practice Guidelines in Otolaryngology

Gordon Sun, MD
Conflict of Interest Reporting in Otolaryngology Clinical Practice Guidelines

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