Foundation Education Committees

AAO-HNSF Education Steering Committee Group Photo

Volunteerism is the key to the Foundation’s core function of educating our fellow otolaryngologist – head and neck surgeons and primary care colleagues, residents in training, and non-physician clinicians. Membership on an Education Committee is a renewable 2-year term and a member earns Honor Points for their efforts. They also have the opportunity to meet and closely interact with like-minded peers in the United States and around the world.

If you have expertise in a particular field and time to commit to education resource development, you are invited to apply to serve on an Education Committee. Committee members are expected to attend one meeting per year; usually held in conjunction with the Academy’s Annual Meeting & OTO Experience.  Additional meetings may be held by web or teleconference.

The nine Education Committees are:

  • Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Education Committee (FPRSEC)
  • General Otolaryngology & Sleep Medicine Education Committee (GOEC)
  • Head & Neck Surgery Education Committee (HNSEC)
  • Laryngology & Bronchoesophagology Education Committee (LBEC)
  • Otology & Neurotology Education Committee (ONEC)
  • Pediatric Otolaryngology Education Committee (POEC)
  • Practice Management Education Committee (PMEC)
  • Rhinology & Allergy Education Committee (RAEC)
  • Simulation Education Committee (SIMEC)


Education Activity Development:

  • Identifying education needs based on practice gaps associated within the clinical area of otolaryngology─ head and neck surgery.
  • Developing education outcome objectives that would help close the identified gaps.
  • Recommending specific education topics that are pertinent to the specialty.
  • Planning and delivering education activities that improve the members’ performance in practice and aid in enhanced patient care.
  • Evaluating these education activities to assess their effectiveness in improving the members’ performance and improving patient outcomes.


Conflicts of Interest/Financial Relationship Disclosure

Committee members must be willing to disclose financial relationships with individuals or organizations that could potentially present a conflict of interest. Such disclosure ensures that the content developed by the Foundation is not influenced by a relationship, financial or otherwise, with a commercial interest. This disclosure information will be published to all learners.

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