2024 Call for Science: Promoted Gaps

Several topics were identified in a comprehensive gap analysis, and clear learning needs have been identified for each of these topics. Abstracts addressing one or more of these topics will be given special consideration during the review and selection process.

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery:

  1. Hair transplantation and complications
  2. Brow lift techniques
  3. Hemifacial spasm
  4. Mohs defect reconstruction
  5. Complications of injectable neuromodulators and fillers

Comprehensive and Sleep Medicine:

  1. Periodic limb movement disorders
  2. Esophageal perforation
  3. Manifestations of migraine in otolaryngology
  4. Oral mucosal lesions
  5. Management of failures of sleep surgery

Head and Neck:

  1. Necrotizing fasciitis
  2. Salivary gland malignancy
  3. Management of Ranula
  4. igG4 related disease
  5. Survivorship in head and neck cancer patients
  6. Evaluation of cervical lymphadenopathy


  1. Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis
  2. Laryngeal manifestations of myasthenia gravis
  3. Complications of vocal fold augmentation
  4. Laryngeal sarcoidosis
  5. Professional voice

Otology and Neurotology:

  1. Intracochlear/ intralabyrinthine schwannoma
  2. Hearing loss after microvascular decompression
  3. Management of hydrocephalus
  4. Globus tympanicum tumors
  5. Interpretation of nystagmus
  6. Skull base meningioma
  7. Treatment of petrous apicitis
  8. Nonorganic hearing loss

Pediatric Otolaryngology:

  1. Congenital nasal obstruction
  2. Branchial cleft anomalies
  3. Caustic ingestion/ disc battery injuries
  4. Congenital microtia/ aural atresia
  5. Management of pediatric dentaoalveolar fractures
  6. Causes of recurrent croup
  7. Inflammatory causes of cervical adenopathy, including Kawasaki disease

Rhinology and Allergy:

  1. Sphenoid sinus lesions
  2. Diagnosis of orbital syndromes
  3. Anosmia/ hyposmia
  4. Immunodeficiency syndromes
  5. Epistaxis management in anticoagulated patients
  6. Therapeutic options for allergic rhinitis
  7. Cavernous sinus thrombosis
  8. Fibrous dysplasia

Practice Management and Fundamentals:

  1. Clinical trial design
  2. Management of perianesthetic complications
  3. Artificial intelligence in otolaryngology
  4. Burnout prevention and management
  5. Value-based care
  6. Principles of ethics of informed consent
  7. Approaches to management of the difficult patient and family
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