APROQUEN was founded in 1991 by Vivian Pellas who, along with her husband Carlos Pellas, survived one of the worst accidents in the history of Central American aviation.As Vivian was drifting between life and death while being transferred from the hospital in Tegucigalpa via air ambulance to the United States her father heard her mumbling, “I am going to build a burn unit for the children of Nicaragua.” In gratitude to God that it had been Carlos and Vivian and not their children that suffered the accident, that thought was transformed into a commitment APROQUEN was born in this moment.Thanks to the vision and determination of Vivian, the APROQUEN Burn Center is strategically located adjacent to the “Metropolitan Hospital Vivian Pellas” for support of its operations. This world class center provides comprehensive care free of charge to children afflicted with burns and those with cleft and lip palate in Nicaragua. It also provides technical training for sister organizations across Central America. Its vision is to be leaders in transforming the lives of our burn and cleft lip and palate patients through world class treatment based on innovation and research.

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+505 2276 – 0888



Last Updated: 04/25/2017

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