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Exclusive member benefits include education, networking opportunities,
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DID YOU KNOW? The most cost-effective way to attend the Annual Meeting is to become an AAO-HNS member. Join the Academy today to take advantage of discounted international membership rates. It actually costs less to join the AAO-HNS and register for the Annual Meeting as a member than to attend the Annual Meeting as a nonmember. Use discount code AM2024 and click “apply” at checkout. No code required if you are from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, or any low and lower middle income country.

The AAO-HNS provides world class education resources available on-demand, including:

  • 1,300 continuing online education courses and resources through OTO Logic, the AAO-HNSF’s Otolaryngology Learning Network.
  • Subscription to state-of-the art on-demand education materials—surgical videos, podcasts, cases of the week, simulation games, and more—through FLEX, the Academy’s flagship education product.
  • Academy members receive significantly discounted prices on these education offerings.

An Academy membership not only connects you with over 12,500 specialists, but it also offers you opportunities to gain insight from colleagues around the globe.


Ask questions, share expertise, and crowdsource solutions about challenging medical cases through ENT Connect, the Academy’s private online forum.


International members are encouraged to get involved with Academy Committees, which help to advance all areas of the specialty. The International Advisory Board, amplifies the “voice” of the Academy’s global community and works to promote the highest standards in clinical care worldwide.

A variety of weekly, monthly, and quarterly publications are provided to Academy members, including:

  • OTO Journal: Academy members receive access to the monthly peer-reviewed journal, Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery, featuring specialty specific articles, original research, and systematic reviews.
  • Bulletin – As the official AAO-HNS online content hub, the Bulletin features the latest news, including an in-depth look at diverse members making an impact in the specialty.
  • OTO Open: The Foundation’s open access journal offers an opportunity to submit and publish at a significant discount to member authors.
  • OTO News: This award-winning, customizable e-newsletter delivers articles, news, and resources relating to the specialty weekly.


International members receive special discounted registration rates to the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO Experience, the premier event of the otolaryngology specialty. The most cost-effective way to attend the AAO-HNSF 2023 Annual Meeting is to become an AAO-HNS member.


The Academy hosts virtual events throughout the year on a wide range of topics during our Global Grand Rounds, Regional Roundtables, International Young Physicians Forum, and other webinars on timely subject matter. International members are often asked to present, providing another opportunity to network with your colleagues.

The AAO-HNSF offers a variety of members-only grants and scholarships to aid and encourage those who further the mission of otolaryngology, including International Grants and Scholarships, Humanitarian Travel Grants, Diversity Grants, Women in Otolaryngology (WIO) Endowment Grants, CORE research grants, and more.

The AAO-HNS offers members access to a library of helpful resources. Our practical tools will help you provide the highest standard of care.


Serve as a guide to best practices, a framework for clinical decision making, and a benchmark for evaluating performance. CPG patient handouts are also translated into Spanish.

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