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A Message to Our Colleagues in Turkey and Syria

A Message to Our Colleagues in Turkey and Syria

Many of our colleagues and their families, friends, and patients have experienced the catastrophic aftermath of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The devastation reported from the sites of our global neighbors’ homes and communities is shocking. The AAO-HNSF is in contact with members in Turkey and Syria, and we send our heartfelt condolences for the lives lost and communities destroyed from this horrific natural disaster.

As there is so much need in the world, we know the choice to provide aid and assistance in times of devastating events is very personal. Some may donate time, supplies, dollars, etc. Some may go through national or international organizations where others want to provide support more on the local level. Our otolaryngology community always comes together during these times to support not only our individual local communities but those of our friends and colleagues around the globe.

While this list is not comprehensive, the following organizations have been recommended previously by the Humanitarian Efforts Committee as sources of support for global relief. To be sure your aid is directed appropriately to the people and communities in most need, the Federal Emergency Management Agency offers some suggestions on how to donate responsibly. These tips can be applicable to local, national, and international organizations.

The USA Today published an article with additional information and organizations to consider.

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