Reg-ent℠ and Public Reporting

In addition to serving multiple functions as the clinical data registry for otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, Reg-ent can also be utilized by members to report MIPS. Since Reg-ent is a CMS-designated Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR), the platform can accommodate required reporting for three of the four MIPS 2022 performance categories: Quality, Promoting Interoperability, and Improvement Activities. Submission to CMS is completed through the Reg-ent dashboard. The Reg-ent dashboard provides a visual representation of performance for all three required reporting categories and generates score estimates. Reg-ent also offers feedback opportunities to clinicians so that they can compare their performance to other providers in the registry at a national level. To view information regarding MIPS reporting requirements and our Quality Measures available for the reporting year, click on the resource bars below.

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