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CPT for ENT: Operating Microscope

CPT for ENT: Operating Microscope

Q: Can I bill for use of the operating microscope, Code 69990?

A: Yes. Otolaryngologists commonly use the operating microscope while performing a variety of microsurgical procedures. CPT +69990, Use of operating microscope (list separately in addition to code for primary procedure), is a billable CPT code. This code should be billed with surgical procedures that require use of a surgical microscope in order to perform techniques of microsurgery, when the use of a microscope is not an inclusive part of the major procedure. As an add-on code it will not require use of the 51 modifier.

AMA CPT 2017 states:

The surgical microscope is employed when the surgical services are performed using the techniques of microsurgery. Code +69990 should be reported (without modifier 51 appended) in addition to the code for the primary procedure performed. Do not use +69990 for visualization with magnifying loupes or corrected vision. Do not report +69990 in addition to procedures where use of the operating microscope is an inclusive component (15756-15758, 15842, 19364, 19368, 20955-20962, 20969-20973, 22551, 22552, 22856-22861, 26551- 26554, 26556, 31526, 31531, 31536, 31541, 31545, 31546, 31561, 31571, 43116, 43180, 43496, 46601, 46607, 49906, 61548, 63075-63078, 64727, 64820- 64823, 65091-68850, 0184T, 0308T, 0402T).

+69990 Microsurgical techniques, requiring use of operating microscope (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure)

The CPT language above states not to report +69990 where use of the operating microscope is an inclusive component of a service. However, some Otolaryngology services, such as many otologic procedures or sometimes a revision parotidectomy, utilize the microscope but are not listed in the exclusionary parenthetical.

Lastly, while reporting +69990 in these cases is appropriate by CPT convention, one should always check individual payer policy to determine the situations for which +69990 may be reported. At this time, generally Medicare does not reimburse +69990 with otologic procedures, nor do a number of private carriers. Always remember to document appropriately to support the use of se the code.

Reviewed August 2006

Revised November 2016



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