WIO He for She Award

About the WIO He for She Award

This award recognizes a male otolaryngologist who serves as a strong mentor, collaborator, and sponsor of women in otolaryngology. It is meant to celebrate our male colleagues who celebrate us, those who show the importance of teamwork, synergy and building our profession together.

Submit your nomination by March 15.

2021 WIO He for She Award Recipient

The 2021 inaugural awardee is Alexander G. Chiu, MD. Dr. Chiu actively supports women in moving the proverbial needle in our specialty towards equity and inclusion, working tirelessly to foster a culture of inclusion within his department. He is a professor and Russell E. Bridwell, MD Chairman in the Department of Otolarynology-Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. He is also the physician editor of the publication ENT today.

Dr. Chiu’s nomination submission notes that he exhibits “wholehearted support of clinical, research, and outreach activities related to equity and inclusion. His accomplishments in his role as editor of ENT today are a highly visible example. Three of five associate editors and eleven of thirty editorial board members he selected are women. Flipping through the pages of this publication monthly will reveal contributors representing the diversity of the communities we serve and are trying to replicate in our field.”

In addition, Dr. Chiu’s nomination submission shared that he is “the first to engage in difficult conversations. Conversations about bias and discrimination are typically neither easy nor comfortable. When the [University of Kansas Medical Center’s] Anti-racism Journal Club began, discussion questions were often met with the proverbial chirping of crickets. Alex would fill these voids by humbling himself with stories of his own experience: ‘I was listening to a podcast and, I don’t know about you all, but just learned that race is not biologic variable and is a social construct.’ He also routinely asks what he could have done better to support his women or underrepresented colleagues when he perceives a professional or social situation had not gone as it should have. He then proceeds to put that feedback into action.”

Dr. Chiu was recognized at the WIO General Assembly on Monday, October 4, during the AAO-HNSF 2021 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience in Los Angeles, California.

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