AMPATH Indiana-Kenya Partnership

AMPATH Indiana-Kenya Partnership

Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH) is a partnership between Moi University, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, and the AMPATH Consortium of universities around the world led by Indiana University (IU), the Kenyan Government, the National Hospital Insurance Fund, and so many more. AMPATH is headquartered in Eldoret, Kenya, with administrative offices for the AMPATH Consortium in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. 

The Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (Eldoret, Kenya), which serves nearly half of the Kenyan population for care, is the primary focus of the organization’s efforts in Kenya. In addition, AMPATH supports more than 300 Kenyan Ministry of Health facilities where more rural communities receive critical treatment, medication, counseling, and more.  

AMPATH is western Kenya’s first system of sustainable care and it was developed on replicable model for other regions and countries. Their focus transcends medical care and integrates medical treatment with nutrition and family support, education, counseling, jobs and financial independence that can truly impact lives for the better. 

Coordinator Contact Information

+1 317-278-0827 / +254-532-033-471



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Purpose of Initiative

The organization aims to improve the health of people in underserved communities by working in partnership with academic health centers, ministries of health, and others to build public sector health systems and promote well-being. The core pillars of AMPATH focus on providing comprehensive healthcare while reducing health disparities, strengthening medical education and training, and advancing research to improve health, policy, and justice.

Typical Service Commitment

1-2 weeks (clinical faculty, residents, nurses, OR staff), 1 month rotations available for medical students (AMPATH supports bidirectional educational exchange)

Clinical Emphasis

  • General Otolaryngology

Financial Aspects

Travel costs, food, living & licensing expenses (living expenses low in Kenya, travel to include cost of international flights). Approximately USD $2,700 in total for a two week visit, depending on air fares

Language Skills


Global Region


Research Opportunities


Seeking Volunteers

Last Updated: 08/08/2023

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