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Academy Takes Action to Address Supply Chain Shortages

Academy Takes Action to Address Supply Chain Shortages

Earlier this year, the Academy became aware that endoscope manufacturer Karl Storz discontinued its flexible suction catheters (10486-A,B,C,D) used in pediatric bronchoscopy procedures, and inquired about alternative product recommendations. In response, the Academy received a list of alternative product possibilities with technical specifications outlined for several products in Table 1 below. We are grateful to Karl Storz leadership for their timely and comprehensive response.

The Academy will continue to monitor changes to global supply chains for major surgical products and keep members informed about actions being taken to respond appropriately to these occurrences.

Table 1. Alternate Product Information

ManufacturerProductInner DiameterOuter DiameterWorking LengthAirway Application
KARL STORZ (discontinued)10468-D (4Fr)0.6 mm1.27 mm60 cmYes
10468-A (5Fr)0.9 mm1.63 mm60 cmYes
10468-C (6Fr)1.06 mm1.93 mm60 cmYes
10468-B (7Fr)1.42 mm2.28 mm60 cmYes
HensoC030211(5Fr)0.5 mm1.34 mm45 cmYes
C030212(6Fr)1.1 mm2.0 mm45 cmYes
Cook Open-End Sof-Flex Ureteral Catheter020025-C4(4Fr)0.64 mm1.3 mm70 cmNo
020038-C5(5Fr)0.89 mm1.67 mm70 cmNo
020040-C6(6Fr)1.02 mm2.0 mm70 cmNo

Important Disclaimer: The information provided is intended only for educational purposes and does not represent an official endorsement by the Academy for any product listed above.

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