Reg-ent℠ Governance

The Reg-ent Executive Committee

The Reg-ent Executive Committee’s work has contributed to the core success of the AAO-HNS in its leadership role in the launch, development, and continued growth of the AAO-HNSF Reg-ent registry. Under the guidance of the Chair of the Reg-ent Executive Committee, the registry has grown to include over 1,580 clinicians and is expected to grow more dramatically as the Reg-ent registry has entered phase II with the addition of private payers, Academic sites, and research opportunities. More information on Reg-ent Research can be found on our website here.

Committee Roster:

James C. Denneny III, MD
Carol Lewis, MD, MPH
Lauren Zaretsky, MD
Vikas Mehta, MD
Brian Nussenbaum, MD
William Blythe, MD

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