Reg-ent℠ Registry Patient-Reported Outcomes

Patient-Reported Outcomes

The AAO-HNSF has moved to the next phase in measures and registry development with the launch of the Reg-ent registry Patient-Reported Outcomes Module (PROM). The ability to collect patient outcome data allows practices and providers to assign patient surveys that align with their care plan. The PROM platform, or Niva, is built by FIGmd, Reg-ent’s technology vendor. FIGmd has been partners with the registry since its conception and has been a key contributor to the technology platform and to expanding Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration methods. Otolaryngology specific outcome tools are being integrated in a phased approach. The goal is to have outcome tools available which represent all specialties within Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

Why are Patient-Reported Outcomes Important?

In the future, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will require data to be submitted on shared decision making and patient outcomes, moving away from process measure reporting. Our members need to be ready for this change and we want to be ready to support them in this transition. Additionally, this will put patient-reported survey data into the clinician’s dashboard so that they can have a complete picture of the quality of care they are providing. By enabling clinicians to engage with their patients, we will open opportunities for the specialty to track health outcomes and optimize disease management for their patient populations while aligning to a payment system that is increasingly focused on outcomes.

How It Works

Clinicians access the PROM and launch surveys directly from their Reg-ent dashboard. The platform and processes are secure and HIPAA compliant. Once the clinician assigns the survey, an automated sequence of steps takes place to deliver the survey to the patient and provides follow up as needed. Each clinician will be able to track their surveys from their Reg-ent dashboard. User guides are available for those who are interested in learning more about the PROM.

Who May Access

The PROM is only accessible to registered Reg-ent participants. If you would like to register to participate in Reg-ent, you may do so via the Reg-ent Sign-up Portal. We do encourage all interested members to review the Reg-ent Practice Toolkit for instructions on how to sign up and participation expectations. Please note, all otolaryngologists and allergists must be members of the Academy to participate in Reg-ent.

Please contact [email protected] to start the registration process.

PROM Demonstration

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