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Full Application Review

Full Application Review

Review Considerations

All applications are reviewed based on the NIH review process and 1-9 scoring system with 1 = exceptional. Applications are evaluated for scientific and technical merit by experts in the subject matter of the application. Reviewers comprising the CORE Study Section represent all of the participating sub-specialty societies. Priority scores are assigned to applications based on their scientific merit, feasibility, innovation, and approach. Additional evaluation criteria include:

The extent to which the project, if successfully carried out, will make an original and important contribution to biomedical and/or behavioral science.

The extent to which the conceptual framework, design (including, as applicable, the selection of appropriate subject populations or animal models), methods, and analyses are properly developed, well-integrated, and appropriate to the aims of the project, including the following:

  • Plan for use of controls
  • Sample size justification
  • Power functions where appropriate
  • Analysis techniques

The likelihood that the proposed work can be accomplished in the project period by the investigators, and the adequacy of plans for the recruitment and retention of human subjects where applicable.

The appropriate, safe, and humane use of subjects, both human and animal, in the project. There is a need to ascertain not only if the project has been approved by the appropriate intramural institutional committees, but also if these are acceptable procedures. Institutional approval is not a priori evidence of a procedure’s acceptability.

The following will be used to evaluate personnel:

  • Do the personnel have the appropriate background?
  • Do they have the appropriate skills?
  • If this is a training grant, will the training actually come about and will it be appropriate to the objectives of the grant?
  • Does the Principal Investigator have an active role in the project beyond the supervision of technical personnel?

The following will be considered in evaluating the fiscal plan:

  • Are the funds requested appropriate to the design, the facility, and to the personnel?
  • Is there adequate written justification for proposed expenditures?

If you have additional questions, please email [email protected] for assistance.

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